Monday, April 13, 2009

SLC... birthday... park city... conference.. ect...

Well it's been a week now and I guess I could write about what we have been up to... not that a lot happens. We went down to SLC for conference, the Sunday afternoon session and got to sit with some girls from Stage College, Pa! yay for the Hulets. After conference we checked into our hotel in Sandy, changed clothes and headed to Pleasant Grove for our mission reunion! It was great to see the Jensen family and the ex-missionaries that were there. It was a blast! We got back to Sandy and pretty much went right to bed, Colby read from his book about Porter Rockwell while I posted pics from the reunion.
Monday, my birthday, we went to Park City. Colby had never been to there so it was a first for him. We did some shopping and then went into SLC on our way home. We went on top of the conference center and learned that they don't use real dirt for the trees, wild. We took some photos, walked around temple square for a few minutes. We typed in the address for 5 Guys in Bountiful and off we went. My mouth started watering long before we got there.
After an awesome meal it was time to go home... well that was the plan. We ended up stoping just outside of Logan to see a few nieces and a nephew. Oh, I also had Colby stop at Target so I could get season 4 of the Office for $19.00, steal of a deal!

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