Wednesday, December 23, 2009


YES it's true, if you think you've heard a rumor that we are moving, well we are. Colby leaves January 2nd, and I will follow after a little while depending on how the job is and how fast he can find a good place to live. I will be moving too, just to Soda Springs with the in-laws for awhile. Chunk and I will be living it up (ha ha). I guess ya all might want to know where we are going.... North Platte, Nebraska. Yes, far away from Idaho, but it's actually only one state away. A 12 hour drive, according to mapquest only about 10 on Colby's new Tom-Tom GPS, we didn't want him to get lost. The job is with Union Pacific Railroad, he will be running equipment and installing communication lines in the North Platte Bailey Yard. We are lucky because it's only five days a week and during daylight hours, unless there is an emergency. Oh and full benefits, yeah he will have to pay union dues but still a much better job.

We love the ward, the town, the people, the atmosphere, the non-big city, our callings, being close to family.... ect. I love my calling of being in the Young Womens presidency, I'm the secretary. I have grown so close to the girls, I feel like I am just getting to know some of them and then BAM, I guess that's how it works though. When Colby got the call that he might possibly get the job out there I cried thinking about leaving the girls... most of you know I'm not a crier. I don't know what it is about the youth of the church, but they are amazing. Going from work, with troubled youth during the week then with these amazing kids during church or mutual is just an entire shift, a good one though. I hope the girls know that I love them and will miss them. That's another reason I am staying behind until we find a place, I am going to keep going to my Inkom ward.

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