Monday, July 6, 2009

peck adventures of the weekend....

Being a holiday weekend you'd think we would have a little R&R.... ha ha that's funny. We helped with the Artic Circle float in Soda Springs, so that took most of Friday and Saturday. On my way home, Saturday night, I stopped to check the mail. Chunk was with me, sleeping in the front seat, so I ran in checked the box and walked back out to find my car was locked and running. Chunk had stepped on the lock button after I had got out, he has a tendency to wait for me in my seat after I leave. So I called Colby and we had to have someone come un-lock it for us. Earlier in the day we had heard that Inkom was flooding (where we are currently living) so there was mud all over the place. Not in our apartment though.

We went to church the next morning and only had sacrament meeting and then were to report back to the church ready to work. I was sustained to my new calling, but not set apart that day as well.... I'm the new YW secretary.

Sunday we hauled a lot of water and mud out of homes of those around us. We loaded a lot of debris from the banks of the creek also. There were tons of people out to help, it was amazing to see so many people come together for one cause. The youth amazed me the most, they jumped in and did whatever they could and more. Bucket lines were formed in many places. Props to everyone!

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